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M2M One IPX is our Virtual Private Network (VPN) service for companies looking to secure and protect their IoT devices and data from breach or attack. Operating on Australia’s largest mobile network, we offer three managed solutions – each powered by our specialist M2M SIMs. M2M One IPX is supported 24/7 by in-house experts, operates on local servers, and only stores data locally.

Local IoT security backed by Australia’s largest network

M2M One IPX SIMs operate on Australia’s largest network providing you with the confidence that your data is always secure. Sitting behind a commercial-grade firewall, data is stored locally – simplifying governance.

M2M One IPX provides:

  • Data and devices protected by commercial-grade firewall
  • Local servers and domestic data storage
  • Threat management and intrusion prevention capability
  • Built-in data loss prevention.

Making enterprise-grade security accessible

Data breaches may be synonymous with corporate IT systems and infrastructure, but IoT devices are just as vulnerable. Without security protocols in place, data transferred across the internet from SIM-enabled devices can be compromised as easily as information shared on a public network. This type of security connection is called a VPN.

M2M One IPX makes VPNs easy with:

  • On-demand network access to IoT devices
  • No additional configuration or software – plug and play
  • Dedicated network and range for devices
  • One connection (tunnel) – simplifying device management
  • Fewer access points reducing failover

On-point IoT security solutions

M2M One IPX is a tailored service delivered as a point-to-point, remote or hardware-based solution. A detailed technical consultation is provided to all M2M One IPX customers to ensure the unique needs of your IoT portfolio are met.

How does it work?

IPX - Point-to-Point

Our point-to-point solution utilises our IP Wide Area Network (IPWAN) – a high quality fully managed service that delivers static IP addresses to your M2M devices. This turn-key static IP service provides excellent value for SIM-to-SIM communication and security.

Investment: Low

Applications: Legacy industrial equipment, drones

Use case: Intermittent access, low data transfer rates

VPN access: No

M2M One IPX Diagram

IPXClient - Remote Client

Our remote VPN solution provides secure access into your IPX network from a laptop or PC with any internet connection. It provides IPsec remote access via a Private Static IP with simple authentication.

Investment: Medium

Applications: TBC

Use case: Intermittent access, medium to high data transfer rates

VPN access: Yes

M2M One IPXClient Diagram


Our VPN solution provides a direct pipeline into your IPX network. It also provides seamless remote access and secure data transfers between remote wireless devices and your organisations’ sites. This service is provisioned with a private static IP address, a dedicated tunnel accessible 24/7, and features simple authentication.

Investment: Medium

Applications: Metres, irrigation

Use case: High data rates, frequent access required

VPN access: Yes

M2M One IPXVPN Diagram

Need some help?

Still not sure what network set up is right for your M2M/IoT device? Or maybe you just want to talk through some options.
Feel free to contact M2M One any time for help.

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