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You may only use the Failover Service to obtain a secondary network coverage when there is an outage on your primary Telstra network. You must not use the Failover Service as your primary source of network coverage.

We will also work with you to manage your data usage, preventing bill shock should you need to use the Failover Service. We will use our reasonable endeavours to monitor your data usage through the Optus M2M Control Centre, which is powered by Jasper Wireless, with the aim of reducing the risk that you may exceed the data limits on your Data Plans. We will regularly check the Data Plans offered by Optus to see whether you have the most suitable Data Plans for your network. If we think you should change a Data Plan, we will tell you. We will also tell you if we become aware that your usage exceeds your current data limits.  If you exceed the data limits under a Data Plan for any reason, you must pay the excess usage charges that apply. 

Our Standard Terms and Conditions apply to this Services Description.

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