M2M One Managed Failover Service

Reliable uptime has become critical, as more and more companies turn to cellular internet to power connectivity to their businesses’ products and services. No network can provide 100% uptime, which is why M2M One can offer a fully-managed Failover Service to keep you online if your primary link goes down.

Connectivity helping
businesses grow across
Australia and New Zealand

M2M devices connected


of Australia and New Zealand covered

terabytes of data transferred every month

Why Use M2M One Managed Failover?

M2M One can provide full secondary network coverage if there is an outage on your primary cellular network. In the event that your devices do failover, we will work with you to manage your data usage and prevent bill shock.

Managed Failover Industry applications

M2M One Developer SIM

Business Continuity & Failover

M2M One Developer SIM

Smart Utilities & Environmental Monitoring

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Digital Media & Signage

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Medical & Patient Monitoring

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Payments & POS

M2M One Developer SIM

Remote Management & SCADA


Security & Alarms


Transport, Telematics & Logistics

Need some help?

Still not sure how much data your M2M/IoT device needs? Or maybe you just want to talk through some options.
Feel free to contact M2M One any time for help.

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