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Best-in-class industrial IoT SIMs and plans on Australia and New Zealand’s largest networks

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Sim card

M2M Standard

25mm x 15mm

Micro sim

M2M Micro

15mm x 12mm

Micro sim

M2M Nano

12.3mm x 8.8mm

M2M SIM Cards

We deliver best-in-class SIMs for industrial applications on Australia and New Zealand’s largest mobile networks. This includes Standard, Micro, Nano, Industrial and Machine Solderable cards.


  • 24-hour provisioning
  • Best network coverage across Australia and New Zealand
  • All card types

M2M Data Plans

We provide flexible data plans with limits from 50KB to 100GB. M2M One group plans and smart monitoring services increase data visibility and control.


  • Maximise efficiency with group data plans
  • Increase data visibility and set thresholds
  • Data plans for low, medium, high or extreme use

World class connectivity management backed by experts

We deliver world class connectivity management backed by an industry-leading control centre,
in-house experts and dedicated IP networking services.

M2M One Control Centre

The M2M One Control Centre gives your business the ability to monitor, maintain and automate SIM management and data use. The Centre delivers real-time insights, alerts and diagnostics – facilitating more informed and responsive decision making.

Expert Support

Our services are supported by a team of in-house experts with a deep knowledge of industrial IoT devices, data and networks. Access our expertise directly or via M2M One’s dedicated customer support portal.

Advice & Consultancy

Drawing on 10+ years of experience, M2M One consultants will identify, integrate and deploy high-performing IoT solutions for your business.

VPN Services

M2M One’s cellular Virtual Private Network (VPN) service is for companies looking to secure and protect their IoT devices and data from breach or attack. Operating on Australia’s largest mobile networks, we offer managed VPN solutions powered by our specialist M2M SIMs.

Trusted by thousands of teams across Australia & New Zealand

Why M2M One?

M2M One are Australia and New Zealand’s leading industrial IoT experts providing connectivity and managed data services.

  • Leading industrial IoT experts in Australia and New Zealand
  • SIM and data services on Australia and New Zealand’s major networks
  • Cutting-edge managed services including advanced IPX data monitoring
Network satellite

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1 MONTH FREE TRIAL for up to 5 SIMs. No minimum commitments.

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