M2M One Global SIM

Providing access to over 500 carriers across the world, the M2M One Global SIM is the ideal solution
for businesses that need to take their product worldwide with a single SIM.

Experience the power of seamless global connectivity with SIMs that effortlessly link to networks worldwide thanks to M2M One. Our Global SIM is perfect for your M2M and NB-IoT projects requiring international coverage. Don’t wait; elevate your deployments by purchasing one today.

Connectivity helping
businesses grow across
Australia and New Zealand

M2M devices connected


of Australia and New Zealand covered

terabytes of data transferred every month

Have you got your global IoT SIM yet?

Connect to the internet with just about any device with a global IoT SIM card from M2M One. Designed to work on multiple networks, a global IoT SIM from M2M One provides coverage in areas where local networks may not be available, and across multiple countries and regions. As an alternative to local SIM cards, reduce the complexity of managing global IoT deployments with our global IoT SIM cards.

It’s never been easier to make your business scalable and efficient when you invest in a global IoT SIM card. As Australia’s leading supplier of SIM cards for IoT devices, we’re committed to delivering flexibility, cost savings, centralised management, and enhanced security to your organisation. Talk to us today about our IoT global SIM deals and packages.

How do M2M One Global SIMs Work?

Group Data Across SIMs

Looking for some flexibility with your plans? With M2M One Global SIMs, every SIM on the same plan type groups together to create an effective “Pool” of data, for example 10 x 5MB SIM cards gives you a pool of 50MB.

If your SIMs exceed your group limit, they will still keep operating but will result in excess usage charges billed at a per KB rate.

Where can I use the M2M One Global SIM?

*Countries subject to change, we advise checking with M2M One before deployment

Afghanistan | Albania | Algeria | Andora| Antigua | Argentina | Armenia | Aruba | Austria | Azerbaijan | Bahrain | Bangladesh | Barbados | Belarus | Belgium | Belize | Bermuda| Bhutan | Bolivia | Bosnia & Herzogovina | Botswana | Brazil | Brunei | Bulgaria | Burkina Faso | Cambodia | Cameroon | Canada | Chad | Chile | China | Colombia | Congo | Cook Islands | Costa Rica | Croatia | Curacao | Cypres | Czech Republic | Denmark | Dominican Republic | Ecuador | Egypt | El Salvador | Estonia | Ethiopia | Faroe Islands | Fiji | Finland | France | French Guiana | Gambia | Georgia | Germany | Ghana | Gibraltar | Greece | Greenland | Guam | Guatemala | Guinea Bissau | Guyana | Hong Kong | Hungary | Iceland | India | Indonesia | Iran | Iraq | Ireland | Isle of Man | Israel | Italy | Ivory Coast | Jamaica | Japan | Jersey | Jordan | Kazakhstan | Kenya | Kiribati | Korea | Kuwait | Kyrgyzstan | Lao | Laos | Latvia | Lebanon | Lesotho | Liberia | Liechtenstein| Lithuania | Luxembourg | Macau – CTM | Macedonia | Madagascar | Malawi | Malaysia|Maldives | Mali | Malta | Maritime | Mauritania | Mauritius | Mexico | Micronesia | Moldova | Monaco | Mongolia |Montenegro | Morocco | Mozambique | Myanmar |Namibia | Nepal | Netherlands | New Caledonia | New Zealand | Nicaragua | Nigeria | Norfolk | Norway | Oman | Pakistan |Palestine | Panama | Papua New Guinea |Paraguay | Peru | Philippines | Poland | Portugal | Puerto Rico | Qatar | Reunion | Romania | Russia |Rwanda |Samoa | Satellite | Saudi Arabia | Senegal | Serbia | Seychelles | Sierra Leone | Singapore | Slovak Republic | Slovenia | Solomon | Solomon Islands | South Africa | South Sudan | Spain | Sri Lanka | Sudan | Sweden | Switzerland | Syria | Tahiti | Taiwan | Tajikistan | Tanzania | Thailand | Timor | Tonga | Trinidad | Tunisia | Turkey | United Arab Emirates | Uganda | UK | Ukraine | Uruguay | USA | Uzbekistan| Vanuatu | Vietnam | Yemen | Zambia | Zimbabwe |

For specific information on available carriers and supported frequencies in each country please contact M2M One

Why Go Global with M2M One?

Powerful SIM Management

M2M One combines a team of trained customer service managers experienced in identifying excess usage and preventing bill shock with the world’s leading SIM management portal (CISCO Jasper). Our IoT global SIM further helps reduce the risks associated with roaming charges, ensuring you stay connected without unexpected costs.


Single SIM, Multiple Networks

Gain the best coverage overseas with access to multiple networks in a single country through one SIM card.
No need to manage multiple SKUs, data pools or APNs.


Roaming Pricing Simplified

With M2M One’s simple roaming plans, you no longer need to worry about ‘pricing zones’. M2M One has done the hard work for you, simply pick a plan and pool data across your entire fleet on any available carrier anywhere in the world.

Advanced Networking

M2M One can now offer our industry-leading custom networking options for global SIM cards offering:

  • Static IP allocation
  • Private subnets
  • IPSEC VPN tunnels

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    M2M One Pricing Terms & Conditions

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    • Domestic Australian shipping is $15.00 per order and dispatched in 24 hours via Star Trak Express.
    • International shipping can be done via customer’s preferred freight provider or quoted on order via DHL.
    • Unless otherwise agreed invoices are generated monthly in advance with 7 day payment terms.
    • M2M One accept payment via Credit Card (Surcharge Applies), EFT or Direct Debit.

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    How is an IoT SIM card used in IoT devices?

    An IoT SIM card is used in IoT devices to enable cellular communication with the Internet of Things (IoT) network. The IoT SIM card is specifically designed for low-power, low-bandwidth IoT devices and works similarly to traditional SIM cards used in smartphones.

    IoT SIM cards are inserted into IoT devices such as sensors and trackers, allowing them to transmit and receive data over cellular networks. Once activated, the IoT SIM card provides a unique identification number and network credentials that authenticate the device to the cellular network.

    IoT SIM cards are essential for enabling communication between IoT devices and servers, allowing businesses and organisations to monitor and control their operations remotely. The data transmitted between the IoT device and the server can be used for various applications, such as remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and real-time analytics.

    What is a Global IoT SIM card and how does it differ from a regular SIM card?

    A Global IoT SIM card is designed to provide cellular connectivity for IoT devices across multiple countries or regions without needing to swap out the card. Unlike traditional SIM cards that are often tied to a specific carrier or region, Global IoT SIM cards can seamlessly connect to various networks worldwide. This makes them ideal for M2M and IoT deployments that require consistent and broad international coverage. Additionally, they are optimised for low-power, low-bandwidth IoT applications, ensuring longevity and reliability in various IoT deployments.

    What is the difference between an IoT SIM and a normal SIM?

    The main difference between an IoT SIM and a normal SIM is that IoT SIMs are specifically designed for low-power, low-bandwidth Internet of Things (IoT) devices, while normal SIMs are designed for use in smartphones and other high-bandwidth devices.

    What are the benefits of IoT SIM cards over traditional ones?

    IoT SIM cards offer several benefits over traditional SIM cards when it comes to connecting Internet of Things (IoT) devices to cellular networks. Some of the advantages include:

    • Optimised for low-bandwidth, low-power devices
    • Cost-effective pricing models, as IoT SIM cards often offer pay-as-you-go or subscription-based pricing models tailored to the needs of IoT devices
    • IoT SIM cards can be easily provisioned and managed remotely, making it easy to scale up or down the number of devices connected to the network
    • Enhanced security, as IoT SIM cards may include additional security features, such as private APNs and VPNs.

    Need some help?

    Still not sure how much data your M2M/IoT device needs? Or maybe you just want to discuss some of our other options, such as our Lift Phone SIMS or solutions for developers? Feel free to contact M2M One at any time for help.
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