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Our goal with this program is to provide mutually beneficial opportunities to other businesses within the M2M/IoT ecosystem.

By partnering to provide bundled or easier access to correctly configured IoT SIM cards with hardware, software and services we’ve found that we can substantially reduce customers time to bring their device to market – resulting in a shorter buying cycle and increasing sales volume.

Benefits of the M2M One Partner Program

Direct Sales

By creating a direct account with M2M One you can provide your customers with SIMs instantly to assist with their development cycle and as an M2M One customer you get access to our full range of services, as well as the ability to dictate your own margin on sales. This option is offers the most potential for recurring revenue but typically requires the most investment in terms of time and resources to manage.

Referrals and Commissions

Rather than selling our services directly, we offer our partners the ability to simply refer business to M2M One. Where this referral leads to the conclusion of a commercial agreement with M2M One the referring partner is entitled to a percentage of the monthly revenue generated through data or value added services. This option is best for organizations that don’t have the time or resources to manage an ongoing billing relationship with customers.

Marketing and Incentives

M2M One can offer a number prospect incentives to help you offer additional value to your sales. These can include but are not limited to; Free SIM Cards, Developer Kits, Reduced Rate or Free monthly data plans for a set period and Reduced Rates on M2M One Value Added Services.To promote our partnership we are open to joint promotion through various mediums including digital, social, print and co-branded trade events.
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    Creating an M2M One Partner Account

    Filling in the form on this page gives us the required information to create an M2M One partner account. Once you have completed all the required fields your information will be sent to our accounts team for review and approval. Once we have approved your information, we’ll send you an email with your account information and instructions for ordering and connecting or referring services to M2M One.

    By completing this form you are agreeing to M2M One’s “Standard Form of Agreement” which can be read here and our “M2M One Referral Agreement” which can be read here.

    If you have any questions or want to discuss our service in more detail, feel free to contact us at any time.

    Contact M2M One

    Address: M2M One Pty Ltd, 1 Barrett Street, Kensington, VIC 3031, AUSTRALIA
    Phone: +61 3 9696 3011

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