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Data plans for Machine to Machine (M2M) Devices ranging from 50KB to 100GB tailored to suit your needs.
Whatever your application, we’ll make sure you get it connected to The Internet of Things

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Flexible group data plans
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Group Data Plans (Flexible Pool)

Looking for some flexibility with your plans? The group plan is a perfect option for devices with varying usage patterns. With the group plan, every SIM on the same plan type groups together to create an effective “Pool” of data.

For example 10 x 5MB SIM cards gives you a pool of 50MB.

If your SIMs exceed your group limit, they will still keep operating but will result in excess usage charges billed at a per KB rate.

Group Data Plans (Flexible Pool)
Group Data Plans (Flexible Pool)

Smart data management

M2M One provide customers with a suite of tools to help manage and control data usage so you never have to worry about bill-shock again!

Our online platform enables you to set-up data thresholds that can either notify you or automatically suspend services that breach data limits.

Our dedicated team of account managers will also phone or email you as soon as your group data has exceeded its pooled allowance with a recommendation to remove or minimize any excess usage charges.

How much data do you need?

M2M Low Use Plans

Data plans ranging from 50KB to 3MB are ideal for low use M2M/IoT applications that send and receive small packets of data and transmit infrequently or by exception. A majority of these devices rely on data saving methods like using UDP as a transmission protocol or static routes to reduce their overall device traffic.

  • Automated Meter Reading
    Electricity, Gas and Water Smart Metering.
  • Security
    IP Alarm systems, Geofencing, perimeter alarms and asset tracking.
  • Vehicle Tracking & Telematics
    Periodic vehicle information, GPS tracking and vehicle alerts.

M2M Medium Use Plans

Data plans ranging from 5MB to 150MB are ideal for medium use M2M/IoT applications. Typically these devices send and receive large packets of data on a regular basis. A majority of these devices will use the open internet as their primary communication method and tend to transmit using TCP.

  • Vending
    Electronic payments, stock management and coin counting.
  • Retail
    Point of sale terminals, ticketing systems and inventory control.
  • Vehicle Tracking & Telematics
    Real time vehicle tracking, remote diagnostics and reporting.
  • mHealth or Telehealth
    Patient monitoring, SOS alarms, remote diagnostic and administration.
  • Environmental Monitoring
    Wildlife tracking, natural disaster monitoring and water treatment systems.

M2M High Use Plans

Data plans ranging from 300MB to 4GB are ideal for high use M2M/IoT applications. These are devices that typically allow the user real time access to a remote location, transferring large files or streaming content.

  • Digital Signage
    Billboards, electronic advertising systems for retail & leisure and information kiosks.
  • Industrial Monitoring and Control
    Connecting industrial PLCs and RTUs to supervisory or SCADA systems.
  • Building and area management
    Large networks of smart meters using a concentrator and managing building systems like heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC).

M2M Extreme Use Plans

Data plans ranging from 8GB to 100GB are ideal for the highest bandwidth M2M/IoT applications. These are typically devices that are on 24/7 and transmit or stream high volumes of data and information.

  • Backup & redundancy
    Replacing fixed line with wireless communications, wireless backhaul and redundant backup links.
  • Security
    Video surveillance systems for assets or buildings.
  • Entertainment
    Streaming high quality video to digital signage, tablets or for broadcast.

Additional information

What features can I add to my M2M Data plan?

M2M One currently offer the following features on our SIM Cards & Data Plans

  1. SMS Mobile Originating (MO) – SMS Messaging directly from your SIM/Device, this is charged on a Pay-Per Use rate.
  2. SMS Mobile Terminating (MT) – SMS Messaging sent to and received by your SIM/Device from an outside SIM, there is no charge for our SIMs to receive SMS.
  3. Voice – M2M One offer voice services on a Pay-Per Use or small bundle rate. NOTE: Voice services are subject to approval.
  4. International Roaming – M2M One can offer International Roaming on our SIM Cards for a fixed rate per MB.

What network configurations can I add to my M2M Data Plan?

M2M One can offer the following network configurations

  1. Standard public internet access – This is the most common set up for most customers, it allows your devices to connect directly to the public internet and start transmitting data immediately.
  2. Public internet access with a dynamic public IP address – This allows your devices to utilise the public internet but also serves your device a publicly addressable IP address which can be used to contact the device in the field. NOTE: This service is not recommended as it can cause safety & stability issues and is purely subject to approval.
  3. Static Private IP – This is our recommendation for customers that need a secure method to directly communicate with their device in the field without subjecting it to the public internet. Devices with a private static IP address can be reached using a remote gateway or VPN.

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