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    M2M One Lift Phone SIMs

    M2M One have partnered with Optus and Telstra, as well as leading providers of lift/elevator phones in Australia like Pixel Technologies to provide a simple monthly service for your emergency communications.

    Depending o sn your requirements M2M One can provide a dual SIM failover solution or a single SIM if you have an existing provider to give you access to Australia’s two largest mobile networks. Simply select whether you need a single carrier or both on the sign-up form and the number of lifts you need to fit out and we’ll configure the SIMs with the correct data and settings profile and ship them straight to you.


    Stay connected everywhere

    M2M One’s Lift Phone SIMs are the next leap in mobile communication technology for the elevator industry. These SIMs offer seamless connectivity, even in traditionally challenging areas like elevators or underground parking and high-rise buildings. With a Lift Phone SIM, consumers no longer need to worry about dropped calls or interrupted data transmission when they step into an elevator or enter certain structures.

    Powered by Optus and Telstra, our SIM cards for lifts join the range of IoT products which include our standard M2M SIM cardsNB-IoT SIMsglobal SIMs and IoT developers.


    How To Set Up Dual SIM

    Dual SIM functionality allows you to use two SIM cards in a single phone. Here’s how to set up and manage it:

    • Insert the SIM Cards: Most dual SIM phones have dedicated slots for both SIM cards. You’ll typically find these under the battery compartment or on the phone’s sides. Insert your M2M SIM and other SIM in the designated slots.
    • Configure the Settings: Go to your phone’s settings once the SIM cards are inserted. Here, you’ll find options to configure both SIMs, allowing you to set preferences for calling, texting, and data.
    • Choose Default SIM: You may set one SIM as default for calls, texts, and data. For example, set your M2M SIM for data and your other SIM for calls.
    • Switch Between SIMs: Depending on your phone, you may switch between SIMs directly from the call or message interface. Look for a button or option to choose the desired SIM.

    Using a Telstra SIM

    With a dual SIM phone, you can use both an M2M SIM and a Telstra SIM:

    • Uninterrupted Connectivity: Utilise M2M for business or emergency and Telstra for personal use.
    • Cost Savings: Switch between the SIMs to make the most of the tariffs and offers provided by both networks.


    • Dual SIM Card Units have a one time activation* cost of AUD $6.00 (ex-GST) per unit and a monthly fee of $20 (ex-GST)
    • Single SIM Card Units have a one time activation* cost of AUD $3.00 (ex-GST) per unit and a monthly fee of $12 (ex-GST)

    *Lift SIMs by default will be issued to Customer Accounts in an Activated Status and will be billable upon dispatch. Please specify under Installer Contact Details & Additional Order Info if you have special requirements. As of August 2022, all M2M One Accounts are charged a monthly AUD $5.00 (ex-GST) service fee.

    Each lift phone SIM comes with 50MB of data and 10 minutes of outbound voice calling – Excess usage will be charged at $0.14c per MB, $0.27c per SMS and $0.012c per second for voice. When activated, you will be charged for the full first month in advance, regardless of date in the month it was activated.

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