Hi Everyone, Ryan here! Part of the Customer Service Manager role is being able to handle excel and create reports so the team has gotten very good at using Microsoft Excel over time.
The key skill I have for you today is not directly related to Jasper, but how best to move the data around in a spreadsheet.

Today’s Lesson: VLOOKUP

Using the VLOOKUP function is one of the most versatile tools to add to your Microsoft Excel arsenal.
I will give you a simple example that can be easily applied to any data set. Let us say I have a set of customer numbers and their current account balance.
You are given a customer number and are expected to know how much that customer account contains straight away, so you need to find that corresponding $$ value in your spreadsheet.

So long as you know your Customer Number is to the left of the data in your table, you can use VLOOKUP to find that information.
Type into the Red Cell:

Hitting the enter key on this formula will show you the corresponding value, retrieved from your other table.
But what information do I need to give this formula so that it gives me the right information (let alone anything) back?
This simple formula can be applied in so many different ways and is excellent for building spreadsheets useful for analysing the data you can export from the M2M One Control Centre.
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